Daryl Parker

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Daryl Parker has 20 years of experience in investigative work, including 10 as a unit legal officer in the U.S. Marine Corps, where he oversaw the administration of the military justice system, including conducting investigations from petty theft to homicide. As a Texas peace officer he progressed from patrol officer to lieutenant in charge of the Criminal Investigative Division, where he conducted joint investigations with the FBI, Texas Rangers, and U.S. Marshals. He also served as the Lead Instructor at a regional police academy, teaching basic and advanced investigative techniques to both police cadets and in-service officers. In 2014 he began assisting the Innocence Project of Texas by reviewing and vetting potential wrongful conviction cases. In addition to his investigative agency, this work inspired him to establish the Actual Innocence Review (AIR), a non-profit organization dedicated to providing pro bono investigative services to poor defendants who may have been wrongfully convicted. Daryl has a master’s degree in Human Rights and Social Justice from Southern Methodist University, and bachelor’s degrees in Public Administration and Criminal Justice from the University of North Texas.

Daryl Parker, Billy Meeks, J. D. Spielman, and Trent Forbes are partners in Blackfish Investigations (www.blackfishpi.com), a full-service private investigation firm headquartered in Collin County.

Stories from Daryl Parker

Don’t Bring a Knife to a Gunfight
Tuesday, June 5th, 2018

Every case a criminal defense attorney takes on has the potential to become a gunfight, with the dramatic showdown coming to a head in front of a judge and jury. The defendant faces significant consequences if his attorney has not properly prepared, and unfortunately, this is the reality in many criminal defense cases.