Dr. Kelly Goodness

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Kelly Goodness, PhD, began her career as a clinical psychologist at the maximum security forensic hospital in Vernon, Texas. She entered private practice after learning lessons that could never be taught in a book and achieving recognition for her ability to identify and treat the factors that led individuals to be labeled the most dangerous and violent psychiatric patients in Texas. Dr. Goodness developed a thriving practice as a criminal litigation consultant and expert witness who feels privileged to offer her expertise in jury selection, case theory, expert testimony, and case presentation to the parties in state, federal, and military cases worldwide, with a special focus on homicide and sexual assault. She can be reached at (817) 379-4663.

Stories from Dr. Kelly Goodness

“Pass Out” vs. “Blackout”: How Alcohol Can Affect Memory (And Why It Matters)
Thursday, March 9th, 2017

As one can imagine, many criminal cases involve events that occur after a person becomes intoxicated. This is especially true for cases involving sexual offenses. In these alcohol-fueled incidents, the issue of memory can play a large part in the case.