Kerri Anderson Donica

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Kerri Anderson Donica is a solo attorney in Corsicana, where she has practiced for over 30 years in Navarro and the surrounding counties. She served as an Assistant District Attorney prior to seeing the light and entering private practice. Kerri received her bachelor’s degree from Baylor University and law degree from Baylor Law School. She has had the privilege of serving a number of years on TCDLA’s board and in a variety of other facets of TCDLA. Kerri is also a TCDLA Super Fellow. In addition, she is active in her community, having served as president of the Corsicana Independent School District Board of Trustees and is a trustee at Northside Baptist Church. She also serves as Corsicana’s city attorney. While Kerri has enjoyed practicing law for many years, her greatest accomplishment is being the mother of two sons—Hunter, 25, who works with his dad, and Heath, 23, who pitches for the Oakland Athletics organization.

Stories from Kerri Anderson Donica

Wednesday, October 2nd, 2019

We had an incredible time in Austin for our Voir Dire seminar and board meetings! Under the leadership of Sam Bassett, Carmen Roe and John Hunter Smith, we created a fresh seminar format that involved breakout groups, demonstrations of effective voir dire and had our participants conduct voir dire! We are constantly striving to find new, innovative ways to offer our TCDLA lawyers to better represent the citizen accused. This was a great example of that, and I hope all our lawyer attendees and presenters left with a few more arrows in their quivers!

Saturday, August 24th, 2019

Today I am feeling a longing to see my tribe—my TCDLA family. I received a call from a wonderful gentleman—Ted Trigg in Houston—and had a super visit with him. Ted is a charter member of TCDLA. I am so grateful for those 250 charter members who back in 1971 decided to form an association composed of criminal defense lawyers whose joint goal was to come together and better be able to protect and defend the rights of citizens accused.

President’s Message: A Summer Song - By Kerri Anderson Donica
Tuesday, July 30th, 2019

Oh South Padre Island—how I miss you already!!! A fabulous time was had by all on the island on our TCDLA Annual Members Trip. Melissa and our staff made sure everything was absolutely perfect! We wined and dined and learned and sunned (maybe in that order)! The beach at SPI is so gorgeous and the Snodgrasses always entertain us, although this year we had some close encounters with a stingray and a few jellyfish. Despite a couple of ER visits, we all survived and had a truly wonderful time.

Tuesday, June 4th, 2019

And so, it begins! Here I sit behind this desk in my office realizing what an awesome, overwhelming year looms ahead of me. I guess it is sort of how I felt in the weeks before my older son was born—knowing I was prepared, but also aware that the job ahead of me was going to be both thrilling and terrifying. I never imagined I’d have the privilege of claiming “I am the President of Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association!” Nor did I imagine five years ago—when I was fortunate enough to be selected for the “officer chain”—what a tremendous responsibility it was going to be.