Sam Adamo Jr.

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In legal training since he was two years old, Sam Adamo Jr. was learning how to preserve error while others learned their ABCs. At his middle school mock trial, he was rushed to the emergency room after stabbing himself seven times in the hand recreating the crime scene. He now writes left-handed. Sam obtained a degree in Business at the University of San Diego, where he captained the men’s basketball team, leading the conference in both three-point percentage and technical fouls. In 2007 Sam graduated from South Texas College of Law and joined the Adamo & Adamo Criminal Defense Firm located in Houston. When he is not crane-kicking justice, he can be found three-putting local golf greens, free-diving with great white sharks, and chasing his three-year-old daughter.

Stories from Sam Adamo Jr.

Nondisclosures of DWI Convictions: The New Second “Chance”
Saturday, September 30th, 2017

DWI nondisclosure law will go into effect on September 1, 2017. It will allow your clients to seek an Order of Nondisclosure for DWI convictions, regardless of whether the client received, and successfully completed, community supervision or if he or she received a “back-time/work detail” type of outcome.

Nondisclosure Update
Tuesday, May 9th, 2017

The Law Office was situated on the south corner of Main Street, just past wide-open Texas spaces and a sign that read Population: 1,900. True to its name, Main Street was really the only street. Once bustling with United States Air Force pilots training for World War II, the town had, surprisingly, settled in as a hub for art. Lined with rustic worn-out buildings, you could still find most necessities.