Vincent Perini

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Vincent (“Vee”) Perini, TCDLA president in 1979–80, has also served as president of the Dallas Bar Association and on the board of directors of the State Bar of Texas, among many other positions. A graduate of the University of Texas School of law, Vee has also served as an adjunct professor at Southern Methodist School of Law. A frequent honoree as a Texas Super Lawyer, Vee designed the first ever Advanced Criminal Law course, put on by the State Bar of Texas in 1975, and revolutionized continuing legal education in Texas. He can be reached at

Stories from Vincent Perini

TCDLA Inside Story
Wednesday, October 10th, 2018

Does anyone remember the inside story about how TCDLA was born? Does anyone remember the likes of Tony Friloux, Phil Burleson, or Frank Maloney? And while you ponder those questions, imagine a criminal defense practice in Texas without TCDLA. Imagine practicing without defense-oriented books and written resources. Imagine practicing without the focused and quality continuing legal education we enjoy today.