William Copeland

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William Copeland received his undergraduate and law degrees from Texas Tech and has been practicing criminal law, probate, family law, and civil litigation in El Paso since 1978. He would like to do all criminal law, “but you have to pay the rent.” Suggestions from his brother (Judge Weldon Copeland of Collin County) led William to assert effective assistance of counsel as the statutorily required “good reason” to take depositions in cases where State witnesses were unwilling to voluntarily participate in interviews. His experiences led to this article. William can be contacted by email at copelandelpaso@att.net.

Stories from William Copeland

Depositions in Criminal Cases
Monday, August 29th, 2011

Duty to Interview State Witnesses

Deposing State witnesses. The provisions of the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure (Art. 39.02) for deposing witnesses are among the most helpful and least utilized tools available to a criminal defense attorney.