Editor's Comment: Signing On - By Michael Gross

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Saturday, September 7th, 2013

As the new editor of the Voice for the Defense and Voice Online, I would like to take a moment and thank Greg Westfall for all the hard work he has done for the Voice. In a four-year time frame, Greg ably steered the Voice into new realms. He and the great staff for TCDLA managed to scan all the past Voice editions. Greg also created the Voice Online and blog as a forum for debate. Greg’s vision regarding Voice Online and blog will continue to keep growing since Grant Scheiner agreed to be the assistant editor of the Voice for the Defense and Voice Online. Grant’s sage advice and prowess with technology and the internet will help Voice Online and blog to become excellent resources for our membership. I am truly grateful to Grant for agreeing to help us.

I am also grateful for the excellent support given by our TCDLA staff to include Joseph Martinez, Craig Hattersley, and Melissa Schank. Grant and the TCDLA staff have been sharing their thoughts on improvements to these resources, and we look forward to implementing these improvements. If you have any thoughts in this regard, please notify Grant, the TCDLA staff, or me since any ideas are always appreciated. We also welcome your articles for publication in the Voice and Voice Online. The requirements for writing and publication are very user friendly. Anytime you submit a brief or a novel motion or a CLE paper, you should submit it to us as an article for publication. I look forward to being your new editor. Thanks for all of your support.