Hurricane Harvey Address from the President

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Tuesday, September 12th, 2017

Dear Members,

Many of our brothers and sisters up and down the coast have suffered devastating losses in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. With their offices and homes damaged or destroyed, they are struggling to regain some semblance of normalcy and their capacity to continue to defend the citizen accused.

At TCDLA, we formed a committee to explore how we can best assist our members and other fellow criminal defense lawyers in their time of need. The Hurricane Harvey Lawyers Relief Fund Committee, chaired by Danny Easterling, is comprised primarily of members from the Harvey-affected area. Our local affiliates from the region are represented on the committee by their presidents. In short order, we have come up with a variety of excellent suggestions as to how TCDLA can help alleviate some of the burdens that this historic storm has placed on our fellow criminal law practitioners.

In an effort to immediately implement a portion of those plans, last Friday we established a page on the TCDLA website to receive donations to help us in this worthy endeavor. These are two ways that you can give.

First, you may make cash donations. Those donations will be used for legal education through scholarships and to replace lost legal publications and educational materials.

Secondly, we are collecting donated gift cards which will be distributed through our TCDLA affiliates in the affected areas to our brothers and sisters identified as having been impacted by Harvey. Those gift cards are intended to assist those affected to meet their immediate needs in getting their practices back up and going.

You may access the donation page by clicking on this link Please visit the page for more details about the donation options. Also, if you need assistance, or if you know a colleague who does, please contact Danny Easterling at, another committee member, or contact the TCDLA home office.

TCDLA stands firmly committed to help our fellow members in their time of need. Please join us in that commitment by donating today.

Very truly yours,
David Moore
TCDLA President